East Sussex County council prepared to look at alternative ways to keep Seaford tip open

Seaford tip.
Seaford tip.

A glimmer of hope was offered for Seaford tip this week by MP Norman Baker who said the county council was prepared to look at an alternative solution.

The tip was threatened with closure by East Sussex County Council which was looking to make savings of £60m over the next three years.

Petition against the possible closure of Seaford tip.'Cllr Colin Belsey, Carolyn Lambert Sam Adeniji

Petition against the possible closure of Seaford tip.'Cllr Colin Belsey, Carolyn Lambert Sam Adeniji

However the town’s MP said the county council had floated an idea about closing all the tips in East Sussex for one day a week.

This would deliver the required savings but keep Seaford’s much needed facility open.

He said he had met with county council leader Keith Glazier recently to discuss the issue.

Mr Baker said: “I have conveyed very clearly to cllr Glazier the strength of feeling about this matter and am pleased he is prepared to look at alternative ways forward that might keep the tip open.

“One idea being floated is that all the county’s tips might shut one day a week, thereby providing the savings that the county has identified it needs, but also thereby keeping Seaford open.

“This seems to me like a sensible idea and I hope the county council will adopt it.”

A public meeting was held last year about the proposed closure of the tip at the Cradle Hill Industrial Estate in Cradle Hill Road.

More than 350 people turned up at a public meeting about the issue at Seaford Baptist Church in November.

People even had to be turned away from the meeting because the church was full. A further meeting was held to accommodate those who could not attend.

A petition was started calling for the tip to be saved, garnering 10,460 signatures.

Mr Baker added: “The people of Seaford have spoken and East Sussex County Council must listen.

“It is inconceivable that such a well used and much valued facility such as this, serving a town of around 25,000 people, should be closed.

“Apart from the huge inconvenience to my constituents in Seaford and Alfriston, closure would also put enormous strain on the already overused facility at Newhaven, affecting all my constituents there as well.”