East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service launches appeal to save deer

A WHITESMITH-based animal charity has launched an appeal to help save the lives of injured deer.

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service wants to build several holding sheds and pens as well as a small building which can be used to treat injured deer.

Each shed and pen will cost about £2,500 and the operating building over £10,000.

Charity founder Trevor Weeks said: “There is now a desperate need to take in more deer, many of which are injured after dog attacks, getting caught in fencing, netting or rope swings. We are the only 24- hour wildlife rescue charity in East Sussex which can provide emergency first aid, treatment and life saving care at the scene of these incidents. Taking in deer is very expensive. Much more room is needed. If we can’t get this off the ground hundreds of deer will die a needless death. WRAS cannot currently take in adult deer and only manage a limited number of baby deer but we hope these new facilities will make that possible.”

The charity has five baby deer in its care. Dolly, a baby female fallow was rescued from fencing at Rotherfield; Dottie, another baby female fallow was rescued near Hastings after being hit by a car; Dell Boy, a baby male fallow was rescued in Maresfield and Dave, a baby male fallow was rescued twice from stock fencing at Duddleswell.

But the hard work pays off. Much to the delight of volunteers at the charity, baby deer Button rescued 18 months ago from Danehill and now in the wild now has a fawn of her own.

Trevor said: “All of the baby deer WRAS are victims either directly or indirectly of human activity- please help us prevent their suffering and help save their lives.

Many of could be saved if WRAS had the facilities to take them in, house them, operate on them, treat them, medicate them, feed them and rehabilitate them back to the wild.”