Eastbourne Pier new additions likely to be turned down

A plan to replace some of the buildings lost in the 2014 fire on Eastbourne looks set to be turned down.

Pier owner Abid Gulzar has asked for planning permission for four new buildings on the seafront landmark.

Two of those would be kiosks to replace the retail shops lost in the blaze and the other two would be on the open deck area and similar to the existing Victorian tea rooms.

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Mr Gulzar says the proposed buildings will increase footfall and business and go some way to protecting and enhancing the longevity and viability of the pier.

But while Eastbourne council and Historic England have no objections to the buildings themselves, it is the white UPVC materials that has become a sticking point and planners are recommending the application be turned down at a meeting of Eastbourne council next Tuesday.

A council spokesperson said, “These applications propose the construction of new buildings on the deck of the pier in part to recover examples that once existed and in part to provide some replacements of the lost Blue Room.

“Given the lack of supporting information and the use of poorly detailed/justified modern materials, the proposals are likely to cause incremental harm to the heritage asset.

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“The likely harm to this Grade 2* listed building is considered to be so severe that support for the proposal would undermine the sustained quality of this heritage asset. All applications are recommended for refusal.”

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