Eco Warrior clan changes school

Park Mead school,  Eco council - school won bronze award
Park Mead school, Eco council - school won bronze award

ONCE UPON A TIME - last September 2011 to be exact - and in a primary school far, far away in Hailsham; a group of young superheroes formed an alliance to make the planet a better place to live.

Called the ‘Eco Warriors’ of Park Mead Primary School, the clan took a vow together that they would create an eco-friendly school environment and fight lazy ways of living.

A more ancient and learned warrior race, called ‘Teachers, Mums and Dads’, were called in to help and they used their super powers to make changes in the school grounds.

The Eco Warriors began composting fruit and vegetables, and saving water in water butts. Improvements were also made to the school pond with trees planted and there were special homes constructed for wildlife with sheltered areas.

Regular meetings were held between the warriors about the work and getting the local community involved.

A higher authority noticed the hard work of the Eco Warriors, and decided to given them a ‘Bronze Eco-Schools’ Award to recognise their achievements last week.

Louise Hack, deputy head teacher of Park Mead Primary School, said: “The bronze award recognises all their hard work and acknowledges that everything is in place to tackle future plans for Eco work in the school community.”