Newhaven school makes progress in removal of special measures, says Ofsted

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A school in Newhaven is making ‘reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures, according to an Ofsted inspector.

Meeching Valley Primary School was delighted with the news which it announced this week.

Head teacher Davina Wakelin said: “‘The Governors, staff and I are really pleased that progress has been made towards coming out of special measures.

“I would like to thank parents for their continued support.”

Ofsted inspector Sheila Browning said: “Having considered all the evidence I am of the opinion that at this time the school is making reasonable progress towards the removal of special measures.”

The school in Valley Road was placed in special measures after an inspection which took place in March 2012.

Ofsted conducted a monitoring inspection of the school on November 21 and 22, where inspectors observed the school’s work, met with the chair of the Governing body, headteacher and executive headteacher and a representative of the local authority.

They observed lessons, heard pupils read and took into account a recent questionnaire into parents’ views.

Since the inspection in March 2012 there have been significant changes in leadership and management of the school, as well as in staffing structure.

A national leader in education from a local school has been appointed for one year as executive head teacher.

The executive head teacher works in the school for two days a week, while Meeching Valley works in partnership with the executive head teacher’s school to utilise resources, including senior and middle leaders to support them.

The school’s checks on pupils’ progress, evidence from lessons and some pupils’ books indicated children were making better progress in reading writing and maths from their starting points, though it was still uneven across the school.

Osted said the daily whole school phonics sessions were having a significant and positive impact on pupils’ reading and writing skills.

Support from the local authority’s literacy and maths consultants was supporting planning to help extend pupils’ writing abilities and achievements in maths.

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