Proud students defy predicted performances

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HEATHFIELD Community College was proud to celebrate the achievements of its A Level students, who yet again surpassed predicted performances.

Just about every student passed with getting on for half achieving the gold standard of A*-B.

Oxbridge students included Will Johnson (Electrical Engineering at Oxford, 2 A*s and an A) and Toby Crisford (Maths at Cambridge with 3 A*s). Among the students going on to study Medicine were Kath Brownbridge and Christo Tsilifis (both with 2 A*s and an A).

Nevertheless, it is the achievement of every student that the college celebrates. Headteacher, Alan Powell, said: “The vast majority of our students are pursuing their dreams in higher education again this year though it was disappointing that UCAS caused some of our young people unnecessary anxiety as the site failed to respond for long periods during the morning.

“It is always a time of great anxiety, relief and joy but it seems the stakes for these young students are raised every year when decisions at this age carry increasing consequences in the light of government education policy.”