Ringmer Community College maintains its top grades

A happy day at Ringmer Community College.
A happy day at Ringmer Community College.
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RINGMER Community College has maintained high GCSE examination results of 73 per cent A*-C.

Results in Maths at 72 per cent and Science at 70 per cent were also particularly pleasing.

Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, ICT, Sport and Business all had 100 per cent A*-C.

Other top performing subjects were: Geography – 91 per cent;

Drama – 80 per cent; Graphics 75 per cent; History – 73 per cent; RE – 86 per cent; Physics – 95 per cent; Creative and Media – 93 per cent.

Principal Kathy Stonier said: “These impressive results across key departments are a testimony to a lot of hard work and dedication of students, teachers and parents this year and they should be rightly proud of themselves.

“The College’s academic achievements continue to improve significantly each year.”