Schools help Hadlow Down go greener


HADLOW DOWN is a little greener today thanks to the actions of a group of local schoolchildren.

Youngsters from St Mark’s Primary School in the village have just taken part in a tree-planting ceremony.

They planted their tree in the churchyard and will look after it for the first 12 months or until it is safely established and growing healthily.

The planting aims to mark the village’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Parish councillor Graham Terry said: “This was a wonderful opportunity for us to work with the children. We had to fell an oak that had become diseased last year and this is a way of recreating that tree in an area where there is no oak nearby.

“Our Parish Council chairman, David Walker, and I visited the school and talked to the children about what we are doing and why. The tree was planted in the parish burial ground which is next to the church and also close to the school. It was a lovely way for them to establish some continuity with the past and extend it into the future.”