Slideshow: Uckfield College marks 60 years

Sixty years to the day, Tuesday, October 15, Uckfield Community Technology College held a rededication ceremony at the college.

Past staff and students were 
in attendance, including the return of Howard Gilbert, aged 94, who was a 
history teacher at the school in 1954.

Unveiling the plaque

Unveiling the plaque

Principal Hugh Hennebry said: “The rededication ceremony and school reunion was a wonderful community event that not only looked back at the last 60 years 
but also looked forward 
because we could see many important values that our 
College has held since it opened will still be 
promoted strongly in the 

“For instance, the students and staff who were here in the 1950s talked about the importance the school played in developing moral values and a sense of community and these are very much in evidence today.

“The memorial plaque was a beautiful way to mark the occasion and it was mounted on some wood from one of the original science laboratories, so it is very fitting.

“The guests looked back on their time at school with fond memories and they also commented on how happy the current students, that they saw as they toured the school, are today.

“All the guests were 
full of praise for the music, singing and reading of 
letters sent in by a former student and a teacher 
who worked here in the early days.

“The success of the event was demonstrated by how long people stayed to look at the displays relating to the school’s history and talk about their experiences here over the years.

“It was a wonderful afternoon and I know everyone involved are very grateful for all the time staff, particularly Mr Evans, put into making it so special.”