St Pancras Catholic Primary School’s Ofsted report hails improved teaching

Teaching at St Pancras Catholic Primary School in Lewes has improved since it was last inspected, says an Ofsted report.

It is now “consistently good and is outstanding in the Early Years Foundation Stage” – an assessment Headteacher Debra Turner found particularly gratifying.

The Ofsted report says the school’s overall effectiveness is “good”. The previous inspection had rated it as “satisfactory”.

Officials visited the De Montfort Road site over a two-day period in June. Their report commented: “Pupils make good progress across the school, to reach standards which are above average, particularly in reading and mathematics. Their achievement is good.

“Disabled pupils and those with special educational needs make good progress. The standards they reach are above average.

“Pupils who speak English as an additional language quickly develop their confidence in speaking and listening. They make exceptional progress and quickly achieve at least as well as other pupils.”

The report continued: “Pupils behave well and enjoy their learning. They get along very well and make sure that everyone feels welcome.

“Pupils feel very safe at school because the environment is well organised and they say adults care about them a great deal.

“The headteacher has made sure that teachers know what they need to do to improve teaching, and that key issues are identified and improved to raise standards.

“Together with the governing body, the headteacher has minimised the impact of changes of staff.”