Students on trip of discovery to one of India’s poorest states

Students from Sussex Downs College are travelling to one of India’s poorest states to study the challenges faced by the tribal settlements of the area.

Eleven intrepid explorers set off on Sunday (December 8) for Jharkhand in east central India.

The young people are studying a mixture of A levels at the college’s Lewes and Eastbourne campuses and will be accompanied by Ian Elgie, Chair of the Eastbourne United Nations Association, and Sussex Downs College Politics Lecturer, Tracey Davanna.

As guests of PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action), India’s largest NGO supporting the tribal people of the country, the students will have an opportunity to learn about the area’s issues in-depth, through participating in field visits and workshops over two weeks.

Mr Elgie said: “Ironically Jharkhand is India’s most mineral rich state yet at the same time suffers from massive poverty. The marginalised and exploited tribal people, in conflict with the government and corporate interests, will be the focus of the students’ study.”

The students will write a report on the issues in Jharkhand to submit to the London and South East Region UNA (United Nations Association).