World of water revealed to Sussex children

South East Water talk to schoolchildren about the world of water
South East Water talk to schoolchildren about the world of water

SOUTH East Water’s School Talks Programme is expanding thanks to the addition of six new speakers.

Over the coming months the trained speakers will be going into primary schools in South East Water’s supply area in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire to talk to children between the ages of eight and 11 about the world of water.

Education is a priority for South East Water with the story of the water cycle high on its agenda. Children are told how the Company transfers water from rivers to taps and why it’s so important during this period of drought to be water efficient.

During the talk Sally Shower, the Company’s water efficiency mascot, challenges the pupils to beat the four minute shower challenge by taking home a specially adapted egg timer to show how long they, and the rest of their family, are spending in the shower.

This exercise encourages the pupils to think about how much water they use and how they can be more water efficient. These results can then be entered onto the Sally Shower website at

Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources and Environmental at South East Water, said: “The business of supplying drinking water to our 2.1 million customers covers many topics, such as science, nature and the environment, planning, engineering and citizenship.

“I am pleased we are able to put all these elements together so we can get children excited about water.”

Hosting a water efficiency talk can also help schools apply for the Eco-Schools status.

The six new speakers who are going into the schools are Nicky Ashley, Karina Brown, Liz Everest, Mary Herbert, Lauren Smith and Dawn Wright.

To apply for a school talk please contact South East Water’s Communication department by emailing