Election for youth mayor underway


Voting for the second Hailsham youth mayor will close in eight days.

The election campaign has now officially launched this week with an online voting system.

Young people can vote for their favourite Youth Mayor nominee online via the Hailsham Community College website: www.hailshamcc.e-sussex.sch.uk until May 3.

Michael Ryan, joint oversight councillor for Youth Projects at Hailsham Town Council, said: “Young people in Hailsham currently have representation via the Hailsham Youth Council.

“The Youth Mayor post was established in May last year as an additional channel for young people’s views to be heard by decision makers in the local community. I would encourage as many people to put forward their nominations.”

The youth mayor will serve for a year and will be the spokesperson for the town’s youth.

· Updates and advises the current Town Mayor on issues relating to young people in Hailsham and its environs

· Works with Hailsham Youth Council to inform the work of the Town Mayor, Town Council and other local decision-making bodies

· Attend civic functions when necessary and act as ambassador for the young people of Hailsham

The first time the election was run last year, two young mayoral hopefuls put their names forward for the role and with 364 votes votes (62%), 16-year-old Chelsie McIntosh, a student of Hailsham Community College, was named Hailsham’s first Youth Mayor.

As Chelsie’s term of office draws to a close she’s been reflecting on her year in the job: “Becoming Youth Mayor was a great opportunity that I’d gladly recommend to anyone, although it does come with its share of hard work and the role can be challenging at times.”

“Having to juggle my personal and professional commitments around the role, I discovered that there is considerable responsibility in representing the interests of young people to the Town Mayor, councillors, businesses and the community at large. But you’re not alone and you will be ably supported by the Youth Council and youth project staff.”

“I would love to see more young people taking the opportunity to get involved in local decision-making, either as a as Youth Mayor or a member of the Youth Council.”

The results of the vote will be announced on 6th May and the successful candidate will be inducted as Hailsham Youth Mayor at the Annual Town (Elector’s) Meeting to be held at the Civic Community Hall (Vicarage Lane) on Monday 13th May from 6.30pm.