Embracing technology

Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-140508-070644001
Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-140508-070644001

We regularly have to review how we provide services and make sure we are using our limited resources in the best way.

While we use technology, it could never replace the skills gained by our nursing staff through being highly qualified and highly experienced.

However, technology can assist us with caring for a very sick child.

We use computers and databases to ensure all of the many children we care for can have their complex needs met effectively, particularly for the children who are reaching the end-of-life phase in what has often been a very long journey.

Other types of technology we use for our care of high dependency children is equipment to help with breathing and administering medications.

As well as working at the hospice, our nurses work in small teams across Sussex to provide specialist palliative care services to children and their families, who wish to receive end of life care at home.

We are embracing new technology to ensure we can continue to offer our high standards for many more children across the county. The numbers requiring end of life care is growing year on year. Managing complex symptoms is obviously resource intensive and quick changes in symptoms, when children are at the end of life, can mean two or three nurses are required to be on call to support not only the child but the whole family.

Of course, using technology and employing highly-skilled nurses is very expensive, and with less than 8p in every pound funded by the government, Chestnut Tree House relies heavily on the generosity, help and support of the people of Sussex.