Enjoy all the fun of Southover Bonfire Society’s May Fayre

Lewes Priory ruins
Lewes Priory ruins
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Southover Bonfire Society’s fifth annual May Fayre happens tomorrow (Saturday) in the historic grounds of Lewes Priory from 11am to 4pm.

Joining members to celebrate The Feast of St Pancras will be many established favourites along with some demanding new challenges and amazing new arts and crafts

The Tug of War will aim to find the strongest man, woman and child in Lewes and the toughest team of three. Rise again to the challenge of the bow and arrow or mini crossbow. Roll your swede for some great prizes or just be amazed at the wood carved so beautifully with a chainsaw.

Visitors can also marvel at the work going into creating the stunning Battle of Lewes tapestry, or take this opportunity to visit Mystic Meg.

Two Roman goddesses will guide your hand in making some mad mosaics, talk to the many artisans who will be demonstrating their traditional skills and enjoy the best of food and drink.