Enter the dragon - Welsh Society plan for Lewes

A LITTLE bit of the spirit of Wales could be coming to the county town.

If you live among the Downs but hanker after The Valleys then plans for a Welsh Society for Lewes will be of interest.

Richard Kemp is drumming-up support from exiled Celts.

He asked: “Would you like to have celebrated St David’s Day in Lewes at a dinner with a speaker? I certainly would.

“There are Welsh Societies in Derby, Shewsbury, Paris and Victoria (Canada), to name but a few, so why not Lewes?”

He said it would be intended to provide an association for people in the town who are Welsh by birth, relationship or who have an interest in Wales, its culture and traditions. Everyone would be welcome.

Richard is, of course, a Welshman, born in 1942 at Carmarthen General Hospital. He and his wife moved to Court Road, Lewes, 11 years ago. He said: “I miss my homeland, as anyone would, but Lewes is a wonderful town. The people are friendly and approachable and we love it here.”

Anyone interested should call Richard on 01273 472307 or email richardakemp@tiscali.co.uk and he will begin to plan an inaugural meeting.