Environment Agency work on Seaford Beach delayed

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WORK to realign Seaford Beach has been delayed until January, according to the Environment Agency.

It said the work was meant to start in November but was held up because the contractor was unable to meet its obligations.

Shingle is moved to the centre of the beach twice a year as part of the town’s flood defences.

Area incident manager Mike O’Neill said: “This year, the firm hired to do the work was unable to meet its obligation at short notice. We are therefore in the process of contracting an alternative supplier to start work in the New Year.

“We allow a plenty of time to do this work before it becomes critical, so there is no change to the level of flood protection for Seaford.

“Our officers have been out checking the beach and preparing the ground. 

“Environment Agency staff are carrying out works with two bulldozers, and will continue to be up there to and beyond the time the new contractors are appointed and start their works.”

Shingle recycling reprofiles the beach, ensuring the shingle banks defend hundreds of homes and businesses in Seaford from high tides lapping away at the South Coast and stormy weather which batters the area.

Although some of the work is carried out by Environment Agency staff, additional seasonal support is provided by a contractor.

In October and February each year, the Environment Agency moves around 60,000 cubic metres of shingle from the eastern and western ends of the beach back to the centre of the beach.

The four kilometre long shingle beach takes the energy and force out of the waves so that they do not damage or break over the sea wall.

But waves eventually move the shingle away from the central section of the front (The Buckle) and to the north west (West Beach) and south east (Splash Point).

The shingle is loaded by excavator into lorries, which then transport it to where it is needed, and bulldozers then use the material to build up the beach.