Appeal to prevent horses escaping in Lewes

An appeal has gone out to Lewes residents to help keep four horses safe.

Crossbreeds Diva and Evie, ‘Vanner’ Buster and little Buzby, a Shetland pony, live together on a pasture between Baxter’s Field and the lower Paddock.

Their owners work tirelessly to keep them safe and inside the field having erected electric fencing and carried out numerous repairs, reports the latest issue of Lewes News.

But recently the horses have got out of the field on several occasions. Earlier this month two of them were ‘apprehended’ in the road several streets away.

It is understood that they escape because people come across their field from the Paddock into Baxter’s, or vice versa, and destroy any obstacles in their way – mainly the fences.

In addition the electric tape fixed firmly around posts has been deliberately loosened off, rendering it an ineffective barrier for the horses.

“Both these acts constitute criminal damage which could have very serious consequences such as the death of a horse or causing a traffic accident,” says Lewes News. It urges local people to report any vandalistic activity by calling the police on 101.

Meanwhile, members of the public have been warned not to feed the horses or approach them – they may bite or kick out as they are still young.

Baxter’s Field, an ‘open space for all seasons’, gets its name from the old Lewes printing firm of WE Baxter, which bought the field in 1923 from the then owner, Mr HJ Powell.

A covenant was imposed to prevent building on the site, which was to be enjoyed by local people for recreational purposes.