Barcombe road closed due to flooding

Barcombe Mills Road is closed due to flooding, according to traffic reports.

Monday, 23rd December 2019, 1:03 pm

Alfriston Road in Alfriston also remains closed due to flooding between Winton Street and the A27 (Drusilla’s Roundabout).

River levels are still high in Barcombe, but will continue to fall today, the Environment Agency has said.

A spokesman said: “Flooding impacts will continue. Locations to be affected will include a small number of properties in Barcombe Mills, including The Anchor Inn.

Flooding in Alfriston

“Monday should stay largely dry. Light rain Tuesday morning will be followed by the chance of heavy showers Tuesday afternoon (December 24).

“As long as the heaviest showers miss the River Ouse there should not be a significant rise in river levels through Barcombe.

“Further rain is forecast for Boxing day. Again, the current prediction is that river levels should only rise a small amount Thursday (December 26).

“Please plan to avoid driving through routes vulnerable to flooding, such as Barcombe Mills Road.

“Please keep flood protection products installed in Barcombe if you have them, while the river is high.

“We are operating our structures in Barcombe to help keep the river flowing freely and reduce flood risk.”