Call for the abolition of off street parking fees in Lewes


A Lewes District Councillor has put forward a motion to abolish all charges for off-street parking across Lewes District.

The motion also calls on the district council to write to East Sussex County Council, to ask them to also abolish charges for on-street parking, or at least to make the first hour free.

Cllr Donna Edmunds, who was the first on the council to defect to UKIP last January, decided to put the motion to council after seeing both councils “ignoring the wishes of the people of Lewes District on this matter for years”.

She said: “The parking scheme has been deeply unpopular from day one, with a number of parking machines even being vandalised and destroyed, yet my colleagues on the council have done absolutely nothing to show that they are listening to people on this.

“Central government now recommends making parking in town centres free, to encourage people out of the supermarkets and back onto the high street. The Conservatives on Lewes District council have gone the other way, raising the charges despite the cost of living crisis being well documented. This does nothing for either the people or the businesses of Lewes District.

“Parking charges also do nothing to ease congestion on narrow roads – only double yellow lines, which stop people parking there at all, can do that. My solution is to time limit the spaces so that commuters can’t clog our streets, ensuring that there is still a turnover of spaces.

“Our neighbouring Wealden District Council has just that system in place, and has managed to keep their car parks free. If they can do it, why can’t we?”