David and Goliath fossil fuel battle in Ringmer

Ringmer Community College will be hosting a free screening of Do the Math on Wednesday, April 30.

This is a short documentary by leading US climate activist Bill McKibben. Visitors will have an opportunity to see the extensive measures taken by the college to improve its own energy efficiency.

Do the Math chronicles McKibben’s David-versus-Goliath battle with the fossil fuel industry.

He outlines the worrying maths of climate crisis, which indicate that burning all known coal, oil and gas reserves would be at least five times as much as scientists say is safe for our climate.

McKibben’s work has led to a global campaign, with churches and universities taking their money out of fossil fuel investments.

Ringmer Community College’s latest fuel-saving improvements include a locally-fuelled woodchip boiler, a super-insulated classroom and recycled benches chosen by students.

Graphics students at the college recently took on the challenge of designing a poster for Duncan Clark’s climate change book, The Burning Question.

The event is a joint venture between Ringmer Community College and Keep It In the Ground – a group created by Transition Town Lewes campaigning to keep most fossil fuels unburned.

The film screening and discussion will be held from 6.45pm to 8.30pm next week and visitors should go to the college reception.

Places are limited, so please contact arnold@simanowitz.co.uk or phone 01273 480011 to reserve a place.