Demand for greater road safety measures in East Sussex

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News Focus

Cllr Rosalyn St Pierre has called for greater measures to increase road safety in East Sussex.

Speaking at Tuesday’s meeting of East Sussex County Council, she said the county has among the highest road casualty records in England according to the Public Health England 2014 Profile Report.

Those killed or seriously injured on roads in East Sussex are much higher than the national average. “This data from a national survey is a disgrace for this county,” said Cllr St Pierre.

She said that unlike neighbouring local authorities, the county council has dismissed calls for 20mph zones around all schools or to reduce speeds on rural lanes.

She said she had long opposed cuts to school transport in the Lewes area and the re-designation of what were previously ‘dangerous routes’ to schools.

Cllr St Pierre said: “Parents are obviously concerned about safety and I am distressed that constant petitions are dismissed.

“So many of our car journeys would be unnecessary if parents were convinced that children could walk safely to school and, of course, this traffic will only worsen if the county make stringent cuts to the rural buses.”