Festival celebrates world of recycling in Lewes

Lewes news
Lewes news

Knowtrash has arrived in Lewes and this year’s Railway Land Festival on Sunday, July 6, from 2-5pm will be a celebration of recycling and upcycling, showing artefacts and utensils from all over the world.

CBeebie’s new animated character Boj will accompany Lewes-based director Claire Underwood in a hands-on paddleboat workshop and there will be two performances from the popular WishWorks puppets, as well as music from Aftershave and a host of stalls and taster workshops demonstrating how everyday waste can be turned into articles of beauty or practical use.

The festival sees the launch of a two-month exhibition curated by Neil and Ruth Thomson, whose collection has toured many venues including the Eden Project.

Dr John Parry, Railway Land Project Director, said: “We are so grateful to Ruth and Neil for offering this unique exhibition. I have been astonished by the sheer inventiveness of people working with things that we throw away. It is a truly breathtaking show and the workshops, kindly sponsored by the Chalk Cliff Trust, will help people make a leap into the exciting and challenging world of upcycling.”

The festival will see the launch of a planter for bee friendly plants made from old VHS tape boxes filled with plastic rubbish and assembled by pupils from Priory School, Lewes. Designed by Tom Daniell, it is a superb example of a large structure made from waste materials that would have otherwise have gone to landfill.

The Railway Land Wildlife Trust will explore this further on July 25 by hosting an evening with Nicola Peel who has been pioneering the use of waste materials to make shelters and buildings on the Amazon.