Forest Row Recycling Centre demo: In pictures

Campaigners in Forest Row took part in a demonstration to bring back Forest Row Recycling Centre last week.

Thursday, 7th October 2021, 12:51 pm

Members of the local community have been campaigning for three years to have the recycling centre reinstated. On Friday, October 1, the local community gathered on the village green with their placards and megaphones. The group walked up to the tip site, to demonstrate the widespread support for the recycling centre.

There were creative outfits, singing, witty banners and artistic displays of waste.

All ages were represented at the demonstration.

The proposal includes not only a recycling depot for numerous household waste lines, but also a secondhand shop, stocked with items too good for landfill, and opportunities for upcycling and repair.

East Sussex County Council is due to make a decision on the proposals on October 14.

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