Fox cub discovered wedged between walls in Worthing

A fox cub needed a helping hand after becoming trapped between two walls in Worthing.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Kirby was called to a home in Richmond Road, Worthing, on Thursday, April 30.

The female cub had fallen into a tiny gap between the wall of the house and the garage.

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He said: “The home owners became aware of the stricken fox cub after hearing her crying and managed to locate her stuck between two walls.

The fox was rescued by the RSPCA

“I suspect she was walking along the top of the wall when she fell into the gap and got stuck. The gap was only around six inches and the more she wriggled the more wedged in she got.

“The owner of the house managed to make a small hole in the wall and removed a couple of the bricks to reveal her little head but she was still stuck fast.

“I broke away some of the mortar and very carefully wriggled her free. The family suspect she’d been stuck for more than 24 hours so we fed her and watered her and confined her in the garden overnight in the hope that her mum would return to collect her.”

Unfortunately, the cub's mother didn’t return so Andrew collected the cub on Saturday, May 1, and took her to The Fox Project.

The fox cub was eventually rescued

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "To help the RSPCA keep rescuing animals like these and keep our animal hospitals and centres running for emergency treatment and round the clock care through these unprecedented times, please donate whatever you can spare at"

The fox had become wedged