Green pledge for Chichester as climate change commitment is spelt out in city

Chichester residents are being urged to commit to a greener future as part of a special event at Oaklands Park.

People are being invited to head to Oaklands Park on Tuesday, October 26 and help to create a human sign spelling out the word ‘commit’ which will be captured in an aerial photograph as a show of the city’s pledge for a more sustainable future.

Participants are also invited to write down their own commitment. These will then be displayed in the foyer of the Chichester Festival Theatre as part of a partnership between The Great Sussex Way and the theatre.

The event comes as Glasgow hosts the United Nations Climate conference which is the 26th of its kind and has been dubbed COP26.

Chichester residents are asked to make a 'green' pledge. Pic Steve Robards SR2003161 SUS-200317-092850001

Organisers of the Chichester event want the city to be involved in helping to make a real different to help improve both the local environment and the planet.

An organiser said: “Together we are going to make a giant human sign spelling out the words ‘Commit’ on Oaklands Park. Once we have taken an aerial photograph, we invite you to make a commitment – it can be one small thing that you personally, your business or family will commit to do today to work towards a more sustainable future.

“Commitments will be displayed in the Festival Theatre foyer throughout the COP 26 conference, with theatre visitors encouraged to add their own commitments.”

People wishing to help create the human sign are asked to go to Oaklands Park on Tuesday, October 26 at midday, wearing bright colours so they stand out from the grass.