Keep conserving water in the hot weather

Storm clouds
Storm clouds
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AS THE summer holidays begin, the South East is finally seeing sunshine after weeks of wet weather.

The recent heavy rain has refilled Southern Water’s reservoirs to above average levels and many underground sources are being replenished at an unusually high rate for this time of year.

But while resources are recovering in the short-term, Southern Water asks its customers to continue their good work in conserving water.

Water Quality and Strategy Manager Meyrick Gough said: “Since April, there has been so much rain our aquifers are soaking up water that would not normally reach them at this time of year.

“This meant we could lift our water restrictions in June, earlier than anticipated. The support from our customers was great and we are continuing to keep leakage levels down below target.

“We’ve entered summer, when demand peaks, and while we hope everyone enjoys the good weather, we ask them to continue with their fantastic water-saving work.”

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