Lambs bring sheer joy to Five Ashes children


Youngsters from Five Ashes CEP School have a spring in their steps after a successful ‘lamb workshop’ held at in their local church grounds.

John Brooksbank, founder of farming educational scheme The Great Out-tours based in Horam, told the Express: “These workshops serve to bring alive the children’s learning and add a unique sensory dynamic to their curriculum studies.” He brought a wide range of different lambs to the workshop, much to the children’s delight.

Breeds included Romneys from Kent, Suffolks from East Anglia and the famous black Herdwicks from the Lake District in Cumbria.

This helped the children differentiate between wool textures and learn about their many important and varied uses.

They also learnt how the sheep and lambs differ according to the landscape in which they live. For example, the hardy Herdwicks can live outdoors on the harsh terrain of the Lake District hills. They are also popular sheep for nature groups wanting to improve commons and downland, for example, a small herd will be introduced onto the Millennium Green, Uckfield shortly.

The school co-operates closely with Five Ashes Church of the Good Shepherd and the event took place in the sunny, flower-laden meadow of the church grounds.

Five Ashes CEP School head Paul Wicken said: “This was a great hands-on learning experience for our pupils. They thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and the church meadow was an ideal venue.”

The event marks a new initiative from the Church of the Good Shepherd which is aiming to promote the beautiful grounds of the church to all age groups of the wider community so they can embrace the diverse wildlife at an educational level and explore new horticultural avenues.

The Great Out-tours is based at the three acre smallholding, ‘Woodside’ in Little London Road.

As well as primary and secondary school visits, it aims to ‘share with people of all ages, having special needs, learning disabilities and mental health conditions, that most precious of gifts, the power to appreciate and understand nature by sight, sound and touch.’

People taking part in specially designed courses can choose individual and team activities.