Lewes locals squeezed out of street parking after car park price hike

Lewes drivers are being left with nowhere to park despite having permits, says a local resident.

Paul Jones has complained to East Sussex County Council, which is responsible for on-street parking in the town.

He said the recent increase in parking charges at the North Street car park had forced motorists to look elsewhere.

Mr Jones said: “It has resulted in the Pells area of Lewes being filled up with folk parking on the adjacent roads (which is cheaper) resulting in us residents, who pay a lot for a parking permit, not having a space anywhere near the area during the day – when the permit is valid!

“This is a major issue for us, and those I have talked to, and has resulted in significant hardship for many who collect children, go shopping in their cars, etc.

“It has probably meant a reduced revenue for the council and an increase in local traffic as people cruise around looking for a space.”

Consultant civil engineer Mr Jones, of St John’s Hill, Lewes, said he pays around £120 a year for his parking permit. His wife, opera singer Hilary Jane Andrews, pays around £90 for hers.

He fears the North Street car park might be temporarily closed altogether should the proposed North Street Quarter development be given the green light.

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We have to find a balance between the conflicting demands on the limited on-street parking space available and we appreciate that we cannot always satisfy the needs of the different groups.

“We have recently carried out a comprehensive review of on-street parking in Lewes. As with any changes to parking, we need to give it time to settle before reviewing the changes after a year. Any comments made directly to the council will be considered in this review. We would remind residents that their permit is valid in the entire zone, not just in the street where they live.”