Mediocre design of Lewes Premier Inn attacked

Former Lewes magistrates court building.
Former Lewes magistrates court building.

Developer Quora’s controversial plans for a 59-bed Premier Inn in Friars Walk were discussed by members of Lewes Town Council’s Planning Committee on Tuesday.

Before the meeting Vic Ient, of the ‘Save Lewes Architecture’ group, said: “Let’s not demolish another building on this site to be replaced by a building with a mediocre design.

“Once a building is in place, the people of Lewes will have to live with it throughout their lifetime and their children’s lifetime.”

He added: “It’s a pity the National Park officers have allowed this planning application to go ahead ... if you or I were to submit plans to build a house and did it on the basis of a few sketches it would be rejected out of hand, so why is the National Park allowing it for a developer?”

John Curtis, of the ‘Say No To Premier Inn’ group, said all hotel guests arriving by car would try to use the already overcrowded car park. He also questioned the developer’s statements that there was a need for a hotel.

Emily Annable, of Planning Potential, on behalf of Quora, said a leaflet was being distributed to local homes and there would be a display of plans in the foyer at Lewes Town Hall.

Planning Committee members objected to the application as it presently stands.