MP warns against pothole quick fix

Norman Baker.
Norman Baker.

Lewes MP Norman Baker has welcomed the recently announced Department for Transport funding to help Britain recover from the wettest winter on record.

Locally, East Sussex will receive £2,645,187 to go towards covering the costs of much-needed pothole and surface repairs across the region.

Potholes are a blight that can damage cars and disrupt journeys, said Mr Baker, and the coalition government is taking the issue very seriously. Overall, during this parliament, the current government will invest £4.5 billion on local roads maintenance, he said. That is more than £800m more than Labour spent in the last parliament.

Equally, councils also have a responsibility to spend the money given to them efficiently, the MP continued. That is why the £168 million will be allocated through a bid-based Fund, with further guidance on the application process published in the coming weeks.

Mr Baker said: “I hope to see East Sussex County Council using its cut of this money to make serious and hopefully long-term repairs to the local road network in my constituency.

“Now that flood waters have receded, many local roads have re-emerged in a broken state. I hope, too, that the council will bid successfully for the extra money and I do not want to see any quick fix measures that will lead to my constituents having to write to me when their cars are inevitably damaged by the holes in the road.”

The council last week pledged to plough more than £50m into repairing the county’s damaged roads.