New food waste service could save families £50 a month


Lewes District is set to double recycling rates and put money back into residents’ pockets following the Government announcement that it has won more than £2 million funding for an innovative new food waste service.

The funding over three years will pay for a new fleet of vehicles and new jobs to collect food waste separately as part of the regular weekly collections.

The scheme will also make residents aware of just how much food is wasted, so they shop smarter and waste less.

Lewes District Council Leader Cllr James Page said: “We’ve been working hard for the people of Lewes to secure this funding and I am delighted that we are now in the position to deliver on our promise to reduce waste and help families save money.

“We know the average family can save more than £50 a month by cutting food waste so this support from the Government is great news for Lewes people.

“By helping households to reduce food waste we’re fulfilling our promise to save money and, where possible, put it back into people’s pockets.”

Communities and Local Government Minister Eric Pickles last week announced that Lewes District was one of 85 councils to receive funding from a £250 million pot to save weekly bin collections – and the only one in East Sussex introducing food recycling.

By engaging with residents to get their views and preferences, Lewes has discovered it can buck the trend towards fortnightly collections, keep the weekly rounds so popular with residents and double recycling without inconveniencing people.

Food waste bins will be provided and the council will work with the community to increase composting and help households shop and cook wisely.