‘Nightmare!’ Dismay at 9-month M23 Pease Pottage roadworks

News that work to reduce traffic delays at the Pease Pottage junction of the M23 will take 9 months has been greeted with dismay.

It is scheduled to start on March 18.

The aim of the project is to reduce congestion and time coming off the motorway, and accessing the Moto service station.

Brighton Road’s capacity will be doubled to become a dual carriageway to a new four-arm roundabout to the Moto service station and the entrance to the new housing development by Thakeham. More details here:

Pease Pottage. Picture: Google Maps

With Cheals roundabout work still ongoing, many people were dismayed they faced yet more delays in and around the area.

Shocked drivers told of their concerns on our Facebook page.

Colette Swift said “Nightmare journey to work now until at least the end of October.

“What should be a 10 min journey is currently taking me 40 mins with the works at Cheals and with the roadworks at Pease Pottage looming, it will now be an hour.

“Why do all the roadworks in crawley have to happen at the same time?!”

Dan Taylor said: “It’s horrendous driving round Crawley.”

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Amanda Hunt added: “They need to wait until after the work at Cheals finishes in MAY!

“Then they should have people working on it 24/7.”

Russell Elwood Stockdale said: “Let’s throw in some gas works and maybe some water pipe upgrades, let’s see if we can’t bring Crawley to a standstill.

“I’m all for improving roads around here but can we not wait until other works are completed?”

David Dawes added: “Great, M23, M25, Cheals roundabout, train disruptions, and now I see Hawth Avenue’s roadworks will last a month.

“Chuck into the mix the fact they are ripping up all the paths in furnace Green and replacing it I’m guessing it’s BOGOF on tarmac at Aldi?”

Mandi Dunford said: “This at the same time as the work at Cheals is still happening and causing delays in the nearby region. Local journeys are going to be a nightmare.”

Tammy Lindsay added: “Can they not wait until all the other works are complete? Trying to get anywhere just now is bad enough.”

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