Norman Baker’s campaign to eliminate Lewes rat run

MP Norman Baker
MP Norman Baker
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Local MP Norman Baker is calling for changes to the traffic rules on Sun Street in Lewes, including the potential reversal of the one way system or the introduction of ‘no right turn’ signage at the junction with West Street.

The measures will be a step towards stopping people using the road as a ‘rat run’ as well as reducing the harmful damage that the large amount of traffic is causing to the surface of the road.

Mr Baker, alongside local residents, contacted East Sussex County Council and has since received assurances that they are looking into the impact the traffic is having as well as potential solutions to the reported problems. Many locals were particularly concerned with the amount of traffic using the road on any given day and the resulting effects this was having on the surfacing.

Following pressure from the MP and local residents, the county council is now undertaking a traffic survey that will explore how any changes to the road will affect traffic across the wider area. The data gained from this will allow the council to pursue potential solutions including the two proposed by Mr Baker.

He said: “The nature of Sun Street makes it quite unsuitable for the level of through traffic it is currently seeing. This can be simply corrected by the county council either through the reversal of the one way system or by a ban on right turns at the junction off South Street and West Street.

“I am asking the council to consider these options without further delay.”