Ongoing concern about plague of flies in Ditchling

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Lewes MP Norman Baker has commended the efforts of everyone involved in dealing with the resurgent plague of flies in the village of Ditchling.

But the return of the pests shows that more urgently needs to be done, he said.

Mr Baker has previously contacted Lewes District Council to highlight his own and constituents’ concerns following the increased number of flies that have infested the area in recent years.

The problem was particularly bad last summer but the unseasonably hot weather, including the heatwave in July, was considered the source of rampant fly numbers.

Unfortunately it appears that they have returned early this year, said the MP, and the measures taken over the winter to address this problem have appeared to not have been enough.

Mr Baker said: “I am very concerned that a large number of flies still seem to be besieging some of my constituents in Ditchling.

“I have been in close correspondence on this matter with the council and I am confident that they are taking this issue very seriously. I am also very pleased to see that local farmers have not shied away from addressing the problem.

“I hope to continue to work with all the parties affected in order to solve this issue and put an end to this unwanted and unhealthy plague.”

Joe Loughran, of Dumbrell’s Court, said of the fly problem last August: “You can see them on the ground and on the walls of the house. It’s like being under siege.”

His near neighbour, pensioner Charlotte Combe, added: “It’s a nightmare because I am blind. I can’t see them, I can’t hear them but I can feel them hitting my face.”