Penguin Awareness Day: Watch adorable creatures play ball at Drusillas

It is national Penguin Awareness Day today (January 20) and we are marking the occasion by celebrating our local family of birds at Drusillas.

The Sussex zoo has 13 Humboldt penguins and they are a popular attraction for families at their spacious enclosure at the zoo. They are delight to watch as the play in and out of the water.

This video shows the penguins playing with a ball in the water last year. Zoo keepers joked that the animals were getting ready for the upcoming annual Wimbeldon tennis tournament, as this video was taken during the summer months.

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The oldest penguin resident at Drusillas is Peru who is 21 years old and the youngest is five-year-old Chilli.

Penguins at Drusillas

The species is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN. However, there is good news because in the wild, numbers of this type of penguin have recently increased.

Apart from the family at Drusillas, these penguins live in South America, mainly in the Pinguino de Humboldt National Reserve in the North of Chile.

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The penguins take a dip in their pool at Drusillas