Progress made on petition plea for pedestrian crossing on Offham Road in Lewes

Calls for a pedestrian crossing on a road “where someone could be killed” have moved a step closer.

A petition signed by local residents appealed for the introduction of a signalised crossing at the junction of Prince Edward’s Road and Offham Road, Lewes.

Now Cllr Ruth O’Keeffe has been told the project will be considered for inclusion in East Sussex County Council’s capital programme for transport improvements in 2014/15.

She had presented the petition in the summer. It said: “The Offham Road scheme was designed and costed seven years ago and the need for the pedestrian safety improvements it describes has only increased over time.

“The scheme needs to be put in as soon as possible before a pedestrian is seriously injured or even killed trying to cross Offham Road.”

At a meeting on Monday, Cllr O’Keeffe was told that if she could source external funding towards meeting half the cost of the £80,000 crossing the county council would match it, and this would increase the likelihood of the scheme being taken forward.

The petition’s request for a second Offham Road crossing, at Blois Road, has been rejected because it does not currently achieve sufficient priority for funding. But the request will be kept on file should an external source of funding, such as a development contribution, come forward.