Proposed route of Ringmer-Lewes cycle path a ‘danger for young riders’

A petition from residents of Mill Road, Lewes, and surrounding streets has been formally passed to the Chairman of East Sussex County Council, Cllr Chris Dowling.

The petition calls for a rethink of the proposed route of the Ringmer-Lewes Cycle Path. The petition was sponsored by Liberal Democrat County Councillor Rosalyn St Pierre and presented by Liberal Democrat Bridge Ward Councillor John Stockdale.

Cllr St Pierre said: “I am delighted that at long last the county council proposes to complete the Ringmer cycle path, but the Mill Lane section is too dangerous. I agree with the residents who signed this petition that the street is steep, narrow and lined with parked cars.

“Both local residents and I are really worried that young cyclists will be at risk as they cross the A26 on a blind bend.”

Cllr Stockdale said: “The route looks perfect on a map, but it makes no sense on the ground. It is better to wait until Earwig Corner is reconfigured and design a place for the cycle path in that.”

The Ringmer-Lewes Cycle Path, funded by a developer contribution, was completed from the village to a point halfway to the county town some two years ago.