Reader’s letter: Nature delights at Shoreham nature reserve

From: B.J. Clarke, Old Fort Road, Shoreham Beach

Worthing Herald reader pictures July 21 2022
Worthing Herald reader pictures July 21 2022

This rare little creature, the slow-worm (pictured) is a snake-like legless lizard and is here on the Shoreham Beach Nature Reserve, living in harmony with our established lizards.

It feeds mainly on small insects, ants’ eggs and many other small animals.

One of its biggest problems is it is mainly predated by cats and seagulls.

It is not as nippy as a lizard and does make a tasty meal, but with the nature reserve now being left to mature naturally there is much more natural growth and they can hide in the vegetation and survive happily.

The photo was taken by Ella Clarke, aged six, my grand-daughter, and me.