Storm Ciarán: will it affect bin collection timings

One beautiful looking bin.One beautiful looking bin.
One beautiful looking bin.
The bin collection company issued a statement regarding Storm Ciaran and bin collections.

In a statement, the collection company Biffa said: “Biffa collections are still scheduled as usual, but there may be some disruptions due to Storm Ciaran.

"Please do not place your bins out the evening before your collection but ensure they are available from 7am onwards. We will maintain constant communication with our contacts at Biffa so if the situation changes we can update you.”

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Storm Ciaran is expected to approach from the south-west this Thursday, November 2. The most powerful winds expected in the English Channel hitting the Channel Islands are predicted to to have gusts up to 100mph (161km/h).

In the South of England, thee are two amber severe weather warnings from the Met Office. There’s the risk of flooding too, with around 70 flood warnings in force across the UK at the moment.

Updates to follow.