The Gateway Road delay is due to dire mismanagement by SeaSpace in Hastings

From: Richard Heritage, Westcott, Dorking

Finally someone has raised their head above the parapet calling for a seriously long overdue investigation regarding the Queensway Gateway Road.

However, why after some eight years by a now retired Labour councillor Phil Scott? This further begs the question why the Conservative party have never raised the need for an investigation.

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This farcical fiasco of a road project is a spectacle of dire mismanagement by SeaSpace, a rather odd set up under the guise of East Sussex Energy Infrastructure & Development Ltd.

Queensway Gateway Road in St Leonards.

A PLC that has eight directors, while four previously at different times been Labour party board members.

The last of those to capitulate is the current Labour leader Cllr Barnett who only lasted five months.

It is incredible how is has dragged on without anybody being accountable and the complacency within the council.

Originally budgeted at £15m, what is the cost now years later while still not having worked out a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on existing buildings and land to finalise this project?

Here to is a rather peculiar situation how a PLC has requested East Sussex County Council to issue a CPO to purchase this car dealership property.

There has been and is far too much secrecy and a total lack of transparency.

This I can attest to in an attempt last year by contacting SeaSpace.

There was nothing forthcoming except for them to ask if I was a stakeholder, a contractor or a company.

On stating I was just a member of the public it all shut down.

In reflection this “Road to nowhere” resonates of London’s Crossrail project millions of budget and years over the completion date.

My parting shot is – will an investigation ever materialise?

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