Vegetable patch man Robin has business that’s growing

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A Sussex businessman has left a successful career to pursue a dream of growing vegetables.

But this is a Good Life story with a twist because, rather than growing his own, Robin St Clair Jones is helping other people to grow theirs.

Robin, 53, is the founder of Veg Patch People, the UK’s first specialist provider of complete vegetable gardens. Designed for those who want a vegetable plot, but don’t know their chard from their calabrese, the company promises to transform a part or all of your garden into a ready-to-grow veg patch within days.

Robin, from Barcombe, founded Veg Patch People recently after retiring as chairman of a Brighton media agency. He had taken up vegetable growing 15 years earlier as an antidote to his high-pressure career, and became convinced that everyone should do it. “There’s nothing as good for mind, body and soul as getting your hands in the earth and producing your own food,” he enthused, “and everyone know that nothing tastes as good as home-grown fruit and veg.”

His plans aren’t limited to gardens – Veg Patch People also offers to convert patios, back yards and balconies into growing spaces. They’ll even do all the planting, weeding and maintenance.

“Young professionals with families love the idea of growing their own veg, but just don’t have the time get everything done,” said Robin. “Essentially we’re offering them the Good Life without the stress.

“We do all the difficult parts, like the design, preparing the ground and making the raised beds, while they get to dothe best bits – watching the veg grow and harvesting it.”

He added: “When I tell people that we can do it all for them, they say, ‘yes please’.”