Victory in blocked Lewes pavements battle

A Lewes Town Councillor is celebrating success in a long-running campaign to have overgrown trees cut back.

Cllr Ashley Price said the undergrowth near the entrance to Court Road from Friars Walk was dangerous.

The situation had become so bad that pedestrians had to walk in the road as both pavements at the back of the former Lewes Magistrates’ Court were blocked.

Mixed in with the vegetation were brambles – a hazard to faces and eyes.

Cllr Price contacted East Sussex County Council about the situation several weeks ago and then continued to press for action on the problem.

“In Court Road there is Greyfriars and Leighside sheltered housing, meaning many elderly people walk along the road every day, to and from the shops,” said Cllr Price. “Court Road also has several people with young families, meaning there are those with pushchairs and prams.

“Because of the blocked pavements everyone passing this stretch has to walk in the road, which is obviously extremely dangerous as many vehicles come to and from the car park and lorries make deliveries to local outlets.”

He was told by the county council on August 15 that it had issued a notice to the owner to cut back the vegetation and he was pleased to find that the work had finally been completed on Thursday morning last week.

Cllr Price added: “Both pavements are now clear to walk along again.

“This makes it safe for all pedestrians, but especially those with prams and pushchairs and elderly people.”