Weed problems in Eastbourne: ‘The whole area looks like the Wild West’

A resident in Eastbourne says the pavements are looking ‘disgusting’ due to being overgrown with weeds.

Debra Eves, from the Roselands area, said, “I am appalled at the state of the streets at the moment. The whole area looks like the Wild West.

"The main routes into the town, and the seafront, are looking tidy but, step away and you’ll see neglected streets all over town.”

She said usually council workers sort out weeds and grass verges in the spring time, but this year ‘they haven’t bothered’.

Weeds everywhere - photo by Debra Eves

When Ms Eves called the council about the problem, she said a mower was sent to the verges but ‘it was done badly and the weeds were left’.

She said, “As a tourist destination it’s disgusting that it’s been left to get so bad. Goodness knows what visitors straying away from the seafront/town centre must think!”

An Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) spokesperson said, “Weed control within Eastbourne is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council (ESCC). ESCC pays the council to apply one treatment to the weeds every year.

“In previous years, more frequent weed control measures were in place but have been reduced in line with EBC’s commitment to increasing biodiversity in the town.

Weeds everywhere - photo by Debra Eves

“In 2019 the council agreed a pollinator strategy and pesticide policy and subsequently published a biodiversity strategy.”

A spokesperson for ESCC said, “We have had an agreement for grass cutting, weed control and tree maintenance with Eastbourne for well over 10 years. The agreement has always included payment to cover the cost of these works in line with county council policy which is currently two grass cuts and one weed spray.”

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