Escaping the blues

Forget the credit crunch by taking your mind on holiday - that's the message from Bexhill's Buddhists.

Meditation provides an answer to stress and anxiety and as the Maitreya Buddish Centre enters its fourth year in town it is offering a new course of meditation classes for 2009.

Centre spokesman Andrew Durling said: "I'm very pleased to report that Maitreya Centre continues to flourish, and its social enterprise arm - the shop at 13 Sea Road - continues to do very well despite the credit crunch. As we have no bank loan at all and no debt, we are in a very good position to survive, which is a good argument for social enterprises in general, as many of them have learnt the hard way not to rely too much on banks."

The new classes begin on Monday February 2 at 7.30pm at the centre in Sea Road.

All are welcome as no knowledge or experience of meditation or Buddhism is required.

Full guidance will be given by the meditation teacher.

Classes cost 5.00 or 20 for 5 pre-paid classes. Free refreshments after every class. For more information, please contact the Centre on 01424 733761 or email [email protected], or pop into the Centre's shop Mon. to Sat. between 11.00am and 5.00pm.