Esther's tumble leads to big TV break

When Esther Pitt hurt herself falling off a bike in her garden, she had no idea it would lead to an exciting appearance on one of her favourite TV shows.
Esther is going to be on Operation OuchEsther is going to be on Operation Ouch
Esther is going to be on Operation Ouch

The Storrington schoolgirl took a painful tumble, breaking her collarbone for the second time.

“We went to A&E at Worthing,” said nine-year-old Esther.

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“My mum knew it was bad because my shoulder dropped. They gave me a sling and I had an x-ray.”

The next day she was back in class at Storrington First School, but a couple of weeks later she was having another x-ray - this time for CBBC show Operation Ouch!

Esther said someone who worked at her school had links to Brighton University, where they were filming episodes of the show, which is hosted by twin brothers Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken.

“They were looking for someone who had broken something, and I was the oldest one in the school with a break, so they chose me,” she said.

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“We went to Brighton Uni, at the very top in a lab. When I walked in the filming started and I met Dr Chris and Dr Xand.

“I had to tell them what had happened and I had an x-ray which was on an iPad, and I had to point at the bit that was hurt.

“The doctors were funny and happy, and they were just the same when they weren’t on camera.”

Esther said she’s a big fan of the show, which explores the ins and outs of the human body, shows what goes on in A&E.

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“I’ve watched it lots and lots,” she said. “It’s really good.”

Mum Morag said: “Esther was really good and spoke clearly and confidently.

“The crew were lovely and supportive to us and made us feel at ease.”

The whole family is looking forward to seeing the episode featuring Esther, which is expected to be aired on CBBC in the autumn.

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