Events to support all weather sports pitch in Uckfield

A CAMPAIGN group helping to raise enough money to build an all-weather sports pitch in Uckfield is organising two sporty fun days out for children, families, business colleagues or just friends.

On Sunday, August 28 between 10am-4pm teams of between six to eight adults – club members, business staff or just groups of friends – can come along to the Community College to compete in a series of events.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are and although some events will need every member of the team to take part, others might just have one or two. It costs just £5 a head with all the money going to the All Weather Pitch for Uckfield Fund (AWP4U.)

Then on Monday, August 29 – once again between 10am-4pm – similar events will be held for teams comprising family members and children under 16. Teams of six to eight are wanted but smaller groups can also take part and will join forces with other small groups to create teams.

Taking part also costs £5 a head. On both days refreshments will be available or people can bring picnics.

Anticipated events that make up the days could include using rowing machines, swimming lengths, target football, basketball penalty shooting, track circuit cycling, rugby ball passing, circuit training, star jumps or press-ups, cricket bowling and throwing at stumps, a relay run, target golf putting, a tug of war (just Sunday) and finally – soak the organisers (once again, just Monday.)

Entry forms are available from: or at the swimming pool, Final Score (by the cinema) or The Coffee House (by the railway station.)

Co organiser Jeremy Hallett said: “This is to show that people of all ages can benefit from an all weather pitch. This sort of event isn’t offered very often as the grass surfaces are being restored during the summer but this year limited use has been made available. We’d also like older volunteers to count goals scored and operate simple stop watches. Half days are perfectly feasible for anyone who wishes to help as we know that this is a long day if you are not used to it.”