‘Everything must go’ sale at charity shop in Hailsham

Hailsham high street
Hailsham high street

The Hailsham Trust, which is taking over a charity shop in the town, is holding an ‘everything must go sale’ on Friday (January 31) and Saturday (February 1).

The sale will be held at the Thank the Forces shop at 28/28a North Street, which has recently been taken over by the Hailsham Trust. Thank the Forces is closing after the government announced plans to withdraw British troops from Afghanistan. The shop will now raise money for the Hailsham Trust.

From 10am to 3pm, to clear all the stock as part of the Trust’s refurbishment plans, all items will be on sale at 50p and 20p on each respective day. There will also be a public consultation with the customers and passers-by to learn what the public thinks is needed for Hailsham to grow, develop and support its residents.

Hailsham Trust said it will open the shop as soon as possible in the late spring after refurbishment, decoration and rebranding work.