Explorer Pen Hadow gives talk in Little Horsted

MEMBERS of the Little Horsted Church Restoration Fund have persuaded internationally-renowned explorer Pen Hadow to give a talk in May. Pen rose to fame when he achieved his extraordinary goal to become the first person to trek solo from Canada to the geographic North Pole.

In months he went on to become the only Briton to have trekked, without resupply, to both the North and South Poles.

In 2009 he formed Geo Mission, the pioneering environmental sponsorship organisation which investigates the rates, causes and global impacts of the fast-disappearing Arctic sea ice.

Pen will speak at the East Sussex National Hotel, Little Horsted from 7pm on Wednesday, May 2. tickets cost £10 and all proceeds go to help the church restoration fund. For details ring: 01825 750590 or email: post4sarah@hotamail.com. There is an optional dinner after the talk.