Explosions, rubiks cubes and origami - it’s all in the name of science at Ringmer Community College

Experiments go off with a bang at Ringmer Community College
Experiments go off with a bang at Ringmer Community College

Ringmer Community College launched its year of focus of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) on Monday, September 8.

The day began with a fascinating whole school science lesson on the field looking at how science and technology come together to make fireworks, focussing on the use of chemicals in different explosions and rockets.

The Year 7s learned about Euler’s Theorem - the understanding of the connections between Edge, Face and Vertex. The skills learnt focused on origami, developing the understanding of tessellation and of isotopes for cube nets.

Electronics, robotics and the use of imagery in sport to enhance performance was the subject for Year 8s. These events were delivered in part by close links with Brighton University.

The Year 9s used chemistry to make bath bombs and packaging, and worked towards achieving a Crest Award.

The Year 10s spent their day learning the art of resilience through learning how to complete the Rubiks cube, competing in a structural engineering challenge by using a simulation program to design and test a bridge before building a model to support a model train. Students also took part in a Bloodhound balloon powered car challenge that looked at various aspects of Newtons Law.

The Year 11s visited Brighton University to discover life in further education, attending lectures around STEM and an engineering task testing the tensile strength of materials.